Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst ATTA makes every effort to prospective clients all information needed to make an informed decision about their training needs, the FAQ's list is provided for your reference.
  • At what age can I apply for a High Risk Work Licence?
    The minimum age requirement for person's participating in High Risk Work be over the age of 18, as per the National Standard for Person's Performing High Risk Work. To apply for your High Risk Work Licence, applicants must be able to provide valid photo ID and 100 points of identification. See ID Requirements for more details.

    Download The National Standard for Person's Performing High Risk Work for full details see ATTA's Form and Publications Page.
  • Can I make a group booking?
    Yes. All courses have a 'Staff Booking' option, where companies or organisations can book in up to five (5) participants for a course, using ATTA's online booking process. Please include all company and participant details so invoices can be addressed accordingly and ATTA can process student resources in a timely manner. 

    Whilst we don't offer a discount for group booking's ATTA endeavour to meet the learning needs by tailoring course schedules, to suit a groups availability. If you have specific workplace or group training needs, or on site training requirements please get in touch with us. 

    On site training solutions are also available, pending space and required equipment (or plant) are available. ATTA also cater to various Job Search Agencies and Recruitment Organisations but are encouraged to contact us with their needs and Purchase Order details, prior to booking clients in to ATTA services.
    For more information about group booking, please contact ATTA Head Office with your group or client training enquiry.
  • Can I Re-Schedule to another course date?
    If you are enrolled in an ATTA course and need to reschedule, you are required to contact ATTA. If you contact ATTA with more than 48 hours notice prior to your scheduled course start time, you can elect a new course date at no extra charge. 
    ATTA's Reschedule Fee of $100 is payable when:
    If you contact ATTA with notice you want to cancel your course session with less than 48 hours notice
    An enrolled student is more than 30 minutes late or does not turn up on the day of a scheduled course.
    If a student is not wearing the correct PPE clothing as required (closed shoes, high vis or helmet), they will not be admitted to the training facility.
    If, at any time during a course, you have been asked to leave an ATTA training facility, prior to completing a scheduled session.

    Students who are deemed unfit to participate in training or assessment due to a breach of the ATTA Student Code of Conduct, may have their enrolment with ATTA suspended or cancelled. The student/s deemed to be unfit, will be charged the Re-Schedule Fee if their are to continue at a latter date, at the discretion of ATTA Management.
    In genuine emergencies, the re-schedule fee may not be billed. In this case, ATTA may ask to see evidence before granting a refund and the decision will ultimately be made by ATTA management.
  • Can I withdraw from the course before completion?
    Yes. Students can elect to withdraw from a course or unit of study, but any refund of fees will be determined by the ATTA Schedule of Fee's.

    Depending on the term of your enrolment and wether you have already commenced your course will dictate if any refund of fee's are applicable. ATTA will consider each course withdrawal uniquely and process applications on a case-by-case basis.

    View the ATTA Withdrawal Form from the Forms and Publications page, for further information and application instructions.
  • How can I make the payment?

    ATTA accepts the following methods of payment - Bank Transfer, PayPal account or PayPal's credit and debit card payment. Cheques and Money Orders must be cleared by the due date specified, before confirmation of fee's has been received.

    ATTA accept payments online through PayPal where your Visa (or VISA Debit), Mastercard, American Express and Discovercard are accepted. Using PayPal is free and you do NOT need a PayPal account as you can select the 'Pay with Credit/Debit Card' option, however you DO need a valid email address and credit card. See PayPal Payment Methods for more information.

    To make alternative payment arrangements or to make direct bank transfer deposit, please contact ATTA for full details.

  • How long is a High Risk Work Licence valid for?

    5 years from date of issue

  • How long will it take to receive my certificate?

    We endeavour to issue the Statements of Attainment at the completion of the course. If a circumstance arises where we are unable to do so, ATTA will post the certificate within 21 days of course completion.

  • My licence is about to expire. What do I do?

    Attend your local Australia Post office and fill out a L4 form

  • What are the 100 points of ID requirements?

    Examples of Types of Identity documents accepted: 

    • Passport (Australian Passport current or expired within the last two years, but not cancelled, International Passport must be current) 

    • Drivers Licence – Australian with photo, must be current 

    • Drivers Learners Permit – Australian with photo, must be current 

    • Boat Operators Licence – Australian with photo, must be current 

    • Firearm Licence – Victorian with photo, must be current. 

    • Licence to Perform High Risk Work or equivalent photo certificate of competency that is current, not expired. 

    • State, Territory or Federal Government Employee ID Card with photo 

    • Other Australian Government issued ID card with photo 

    • Photo Identity Card issued by a Tertiary Education Institution must be current 

    • Keypass ID Card with photo, must be current 

    • Consumer Affairs Victoria Proof of Age Card with photo 

  • What are Training Packages?

    Training Packages are integrated nationally endorsed competency standards, assessment guidelines and Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise. They are based on a concept of competency that specifies knowledge and skill and its application to the standard of performance required in the workplace.

  • What does ATTA stand for?

    Australian Trade Training and Assessment

  • What happens if I am unable to pay the course fees in one payment?

    If you are unable to make one complete payment, the admin staff at ATTA encourage you to contact them to discuss the payment options available to you to ensure enrolment to the required course.

  • What happens if I lose my certificate?

    For reissuing of a qualification certificate an additional fee will be incurred at the rate determined by ATTA Management.

  • What is a High Risk Work Licence?

    A licence to perform high risk work is required if you work with high risk equipment or plant. You can apply for 29 classes of competency under the licence to perform high risk work. The licence is valid in every Australian state and territory, enabling you to operate high risk equipment under consistent standards everywhere in Australia.


    Download The National Standard for Person's Performing High Risk Work for full details:


  • What is meant by Language Literacy and Numeracy?

    In everyday workplace tasks it is common for a person to use and respond to spoken and written language and use numeracy skills at the same time, all within a cultural context, which needs to be interpreted and responded to appropriately. 

    Language : In its broadest sense, language involves the words, verbal structures and gestures we use to convey meaning.  In using language we generally use a combination of communication forms such as speaking, listening, reading, writing and visual communication. 

    Literacy : is the ability to read and use written information as well as to write appropriately, in a range of contexts.  Literacy involves the integration of speaking, listening, and critical thinking with reading and writing.

    Numeracy : involves the practical application of mathematical skills to absorb, use and critically evaluate information in numerical or graphical form.  In the workplace the methods used to achieve certain numeracy tasks will differ according to the workplace requirements, technology and culture.

  • What is the Australian Quality Framework?

    The Australian Quality Framework (AQF) is the nationally agreed quality arrangements for vocational education and training endorsed by Ministers. The AQF is underpinned by standards expressed in various key documents, as well as a range of supporting resources.  

    To obtain and maintain registration, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) must meet the Standards for Registered Training Organisations.

    Under the AQF, training organisations must be registered to issue nationally recognised vocational education and training qualifications, and to provide the associated training and assessment. 

  • What is the Unit Learning Task?

    The Unit Learning Task that, often in the form of a questionnaire, will provide you with the foundations of the course. The details and instructions are sent to students after the enrolment is confirmed. 

    The task is unique to each High Risk course and is required to be completed within the allotted time frame - prior to the commencement of the course.

    Unit Learning Task results will contribute to your overall competency result and help satisfy the requirements of the course. 

  • When am I required to pay the course fees?

    You are required to pay all requested course fees to confirm your enrolment with ATTA. Payments Terms and Conditions are detailed within the ATTA Enrolment and Application Form. Persons seeking to enrol in ATTA must acknowledge that they have read and are aware of all associated course fees and any additional charges.

    ATTA collects fees in advance for services. Unless otherwise specified, ATTA course fees include the cost of all compulsory training and assessment materials and GST. Course fee payment is required at least prior to course commencement as stated on the course fee invoice.

    For more details about payments, refer to ATTA's Fee's, Charges & Refunds policy.

  • When are the courses run?

    Courses are run subject to class size and trainer/assessor availability. 

    In some cases, ATTA may be required reschedule or postpone a course to an alternative date, due to insufficient student numbers or unforeseen circumstances. All enrolled participants affected by such changes will be offered the opportunity to transfer to the revised course date or will be eligible to receive a full refund of course fees. ATTA take no responsibility of any monies spent by companies for employees to attend any courses cancelled (flights, accommodate ect).

  • Who can enrol with ATTA?

    ATTA courses have been developed for person's of all level's of experience and knowledge of the construction and related trades industries.


    The Construction Induction (CPCCOHS1001A) is open age and ALL High Risk Work course applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Language, Literacy and Numeracy participant requirements are referred to on the specific course outline for entry requirements. If you cannot find the details you need, please call us on 03 9741 3595 to discuss your eligibility further.

  • Who will be instructing the course?

    ATTA ensures that all trainers and assessors hold the necessary tertiary and industry qualifications to deliver the courses in which they are involved in. To assist the students to the best of their ability, ATTA's staff endeavour to support students learning needs and create a positive learning experience. 

    Many of ATTA's qualified and experienced trainers, still work within the industry and have the latest knowledge available providing students with up to date advice and knowledge. 

If you still have questions, or would like to know more about ATTA's services, complete a contact form or call us during business hours.