Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst ATTA makes every effort to prospective clients all information needed to make an informed decision about their training needs, the FAQ's list is provided for your reference.

At what age can I apply for a High Risk Work Licence?
Can I make a group booking?
Can I Re-Schedule to another course date?
Can I withdraw from the course before completion?
How can I make the payment?
How long is a High Risk Work Licence valid for?
How long will it take to receive my certificate?
I have a Red Card but want to transfer it to a White Card?
My licence is about to expire. What do I do?
What are the 100 points of ID requirements?
What are Training Packages?
What does ATTA stand for?
What happens if I am unable to pay the course fees in one payment?
What happens if I lose my certificate?
What is a High Risk Work Licence?
What is meant by Language Literacy and Numeracy?
What is the Australian Quality Framework?
What is the Unit Learning Task?
When am I required to pay the course fees?
When are the courses run?
Who can enrol with ATTA?
Who will be instructing the course?

Questions, or would like to know more about ATTA's services, complete a contact form or call us during business hours.