Skilling Existing Workforce

17-Nov-2014 | 

Australian companies are turning to their existing workforce as the source of much needed skills.  

Current economic conditions and the need to do more with less will only serve to increase this trend. Skilling the existing workforce has emerged as a critical priority for Australian industry and Australian governments.

Why skilling the existing workforce is so important now
? There is a strong set of economic and demographic reasons behind the focus on skilling the existing workforce:

  • The ageing of the population has resulted in the need to retain existing workers;
  • A large proportion of the existing workforce does not hold post-school qualifications;
  • The skills required in the modern workforce are rapidly changing and developing; and 
  • The need for a highly skilled and flexible workforce to help ensure that enterprises become and remain competitive in an increasingly competitive global market has been widely recognised. 
For the full article published by the Australian Industry Group:

Skilling Existing Workforce Skilling Existing Workforce (735 KB)

Reports prepared for the phases of the project are available through the Australian Industry Group website