Feedback, Comments, Complaints & Appeals

Feedback, Comments, Complaints & Appeals

ATTA's complaints & appeals policy & procedure is designed to ensure that ATTA responds efficiently and effectively to cases of dissatisfaction. This will provide an avenue for all complaints to be addressed in a fair, efficient and confidential manner to all ATTA students, prospective students, clients, employers, staff and other stakeholders across ATTA's operations.

Despite all efforts of ATTA to provide satisfactory services, complaints may occasionally arise, requiring formal resolution. ATTA is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable complaints and appeals system which is easily accessible and offered at no charge.

All person(s) are encouraged, wherever possible, to resolve concerns or difficulties directly with the person(s) concerned, to deal with the issue before it becomes a formal complaint.

Formal complaints and appeals may be made to ATTA by completing the below  Comments, Compliments of Complaints Form, that encourages all parties to approach matters with an open view and attempt to resolve problems through discussion.

{module_literature,i,174308}ATTA acknowledges the need for an appropriate independent party to mediate where an appropriate outcome cannot be reached through ATTA's own complaint and appeals process.