ATTA Enrolment Process

ATTA's Enrolment process allows you to book in online, ANYTIME and instantly! With access to course information, available dates and all applicable fee's, you can get set to gain the skills you or your staff need, around your busy schedule.

We endeavour to make your student experience as enjoyable as possible, including a user friendly booking process. Entry requirements vary for each course, so read the information in the Course Outlines carefully, before proceeding to the enrolment on a course.

Complete ALL required Steps to confirm your enrolment with ATTA:
  1. 1. Read 'Course Outline' details, outcome and eligibility information, ensure that you can meet the relevant entry requirements;
  2. 2. Select your preferred schedule, from the 'Available Dates' listed;
  3. 3. Complete the Booking Form or Staff Registration with up to five (5) participants;
  4. 4. Proceed to the online payment services; and
  5. 5. Complete the ATTA Enrolment Form to provide full contact details and USI verification*.
An ATTA Invoice is provided upon receipt of payment including services offered and proposed schedule details. 
Once your booking has been processed, participants receive an enrolment form link, pre-course requirements (if applicable) and access to the ATTA Toolbox, where all payment history, booking details and correspondence with ATTA can be viewed.

Course Schedules
All ATTA course lengths vary and are subject to facility availability, student experience and specific learning needs. Course schedules listed detail the minimum amount students must commit to, in order to meet the course requirements, but may be extended to cater to for additional learning needs.
Course schedules are regularly updated to reflect available dates on offer, but may require a minimum numbers before being confirmed. Course dates are regularly updated to reflect the next available dates on offer.
ATTA encourage students and organisations to send us enquiries for any specific training needs, as we will endeavour to meet requests made. 
Should courses need to be canceled for unforeseen reasons, students enrolled or registered for the course will be notified as early as possible, and informed of rescheduling details.

Entry Requirements
Whilst all efforts are made to support everyone's needs, it is important that prospective students review the entry requirements and the language level required prior to booking into their chosen course. All students will be asked to complete a self assessment of their Required Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN), during the course induction, to ensure students can meet the required LLN level for that course.

Some ATTA services must be delivered in English, to meet industry and safe work licensing requirements. Any student who has been identified as unable to meet the minimum level required for the course, may be advised to participate in further training or alternative course schedule. All additional support services available, or external to ATTA, will be provided to ensure learners can participate in learning uninhibited.
*ALL students completing a VET course, now require a Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you haven't yet registered for a USI, it's free, easy to create and will only take a few minutes. To Register, visit and proceed with the online steps to 'Create a USI'. You USI will be needed to complete your enrolment in any of ATTA’s Nationally Recognised Training Courses.